Prize Pool Total

Greetings to thee, sentient being that can consume language!

We're pretty dang excited about this year's prize pool, and thought we'd share some numbers with you.

At the moment, with a couple of TBCs in the mix, we have the following totals to share:

  • Overall prize and raffle pool: $8675
  • 1st Prize Pack: $1385
  • 2nd Prize Pack: $1024
  • 3rd Prize Pack: $753
  • Remote Raffle pack: $508
  • Raffle Pack 1: $574
  • Raffle Pack 2: $434
  • Raffle Pack 3: $287
  • Raffle Pack 4: $242

We also have door prizes, a general "you did Thing, have a Thing!" prize pool and some other nifty things to give away.

Really, when you think about it, it's a pretty darn awesome ROI on your ticket price if you win a thing. And even if you don't, you've helped make some kid's life a little bit better, which is pretty darn awesome. :)

Contest announcement!

We promised you games and contests, and now it's time for some DETAILS!

One of the games played at the Child's Play Trivia Night will be a "Build Your Own Eldrazi" contest.

Tables will have a supply of Play-Doh, and a few images of the unknowable, unkillable behemoths that are the Eldrazi. Their task will then be to produce the best interpretation of the Eldrazi in the aforementioned medium: Play-Doh.

The interpretations will then be judged by your Hosts and their Minions, and winner(s) selected.

Why not try your hand at Emrakul, The Aeons Torn?…/riseoftheeld…/f1_pxuipt0f9p.jpg