You totally want to come now, right?

Well behold the tasty information below, containing all you need to do and know (or links thereto) to join us for an evening of epic radness.

Child's Play Trivia Australia, 2019

Where is it?  Games Laboratory
                           328 Little Lonsdale St
                            Melbourne, VIC 3000

What day? Wednesday, 9 October 2019
(aka 2 days before PAX Aus kicks off)

What time? From 1830-2230(ish)

How much does it cost? $30 per person

Where can I get tickets? When they’re available, the link will be here. You could also head to Facebook and Like our page for up-to-the-minute info and a reasonable volume of game-related news, shares, and general wholesomeness.

Wait! Aren't trivia nights traditionally competed for as a table? Yes! Table size maxes out at 8, but don't worry. If you're in town on your own, or only have 4 people you turn to for their trivia knowledge, book a spot (or spots) on one of our LFG tables. We'll match you up on the night and you can have the double-fun of playing trivia AND meeting new, awesome people! Win-win!