What can you, the paying awesome person, expect at a Child's Play Trivia Australia event?

How about questions? And none of those sneaky ones they like to pop in regular pub trivia nights, about geography and stuff. Proper questions, like 'what is the most abundant state of matter in the universe', or 'what is the hit dice of a fighter in 5th edition D&D'.

BUT WAIT! Are you like me? Do you frequently brain-lock at trivia nights? Well you should totally still come.


What about a cosplay competition? A charity auction for... well... that changes from year to year, but rest assured it'll be pretty sweet.

And all of that's not to say that it won't also be a darned entertaining night, hosted by two fools who crave attention like oxygen but aren't afraid to call out shenanigans if they see mobile devices in use.

If you're after more specific information, the event will consist of 4 rounds of read-out questions, 1 audio round, several pay-to-play games that will have individual prizes, some auctions of epic gear, and general fun and frivolity the likes of which one rarely sees of a Wednesday night.

The prize pool this year is huge, weighing in at over $7000 of STUFF, and amongst other random things, the following prizes/stashes will be awarded:

1st Prize: A haul of stuff, sufficient so that each member of a full table of 8 can walk away with at least four times their ticket price in loot. That's four times, people!

2nd Prize: As above, but three times ticket price.

3rd Prize: Same again, but at twice their ticket price.

??? Prize: The Wooden Spooners at these events traditionally receive chocolates, and who are we to shirk tradition?  This is not to be awarded simply to last place, but to an arbitrarily-numbered-place, based on how many tables we get. This is to avoid people taking the dive on purpose, because chocolate

Cosplay contest: There will be a prize for Best Cosplay, and we'll let you know what it is as soon as we do. :)

There may also be prizes for Worst Effort, Best Reference and any other random things we can think of on the night. 


It's still a bit early to know what prizes will be on offer, but we already have confirmation of some Qwertees, a game or two, and other assorted randomness that will be sure to amuse and entertain.