Child's Play Charity.

Established in 2003 by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins from Penny Arcade, Child's Play Charity is a way for the gaming industry and community to improve the lives of children in hospital and domestic violence shelters.

Since that time, Child's Play Charity has raised over US$44 million to help those children.

I'll just repeat that.

OVER. Forty. FOUR. MILLION. US dollars.

I know, right?

With 100 partner hospitals in eight countries, the impact of these amazing people cannot be overstated, and we're truly grateful to be a small part of their epic work.

Penny Arcade

More than just a web comic, with the Child's Play Charity, PATV, various podcasts, and the PAX events under their belts, Penny Arcade are a geek force to be reckoned with.

We here at CPT Aus HQ have been fans of theirs since... well, let's just say a strong percentage of attendees at PAX Aus may not have been born when we got into Penny Arcade. We've watched the evolution of the art and writing go from funny pokes at loading times to deeper explorations of fantasy and science fiction themes, parenthood, and - of course - dick jokes. Not for nothing was your esteemed host's first Father's Day present a print of The Seventh Spring. Over the years Penny Arcade has meant a lot to us here, and we're honoured to be helping bring some of their Child's Play Charity work to fruition.


If you hold it, they will come.

A gathering of gamers from the four corners of the admittedly-oblate-spheroid-so-probably-has-no-actual-corners Earth.

The first year was awesome. Then it was stupendous. Then it was transcendent. This year? I fear for my bladder control.