Prize Pool Total

Greetings to thee, sentient being that can consume language!

We're pretty dang excited about this year's prize pool, and thought we'd share some numbers with you.

At the moment, with a couple of TBCs in the mix, we have the following totals to share:

  • Overall prize and raffle pool: $8675
  • 1st Prize Pack: $1385
  • 2nd Prize Pack: $1024
  • 3rd Prize Pack: $753
  • Remote Raffle pack: $508
  • Raffle Pack 1: $574
  • Raffle Pack 2: $434
  • Raffle Pack 3: $287
  • Raffle Pack 4: $242

We also have door prizes, a general "you did Thing, have a Thing!" prize pool and some other nifty things to give away.

Really, when you think about it, it's a pretty darn awesome ROI on your ticket price if you win a thing. And even if you don't, you've helped make some kid's life a little bit better, which is pretty darn awesome. :)

Running prize pool total

I should probably try to find a neater way of saying that. :)

Still, with a confirmation of the final prize support list from Wizards of the coast, we're now at $6600 total in prizes and auction items. 

This is amazing, humbling, and generally awesome.

The Remote Raffle is also up and running, 

For just $1.30 a ticket, you get a chance to win a prize pack worth (at time of writing) $360. You don't even need to be there on the night! 

Hit the link below to buy some tickets.