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Time for another story.

Games Laboratory is the FLGS you would build in your dreams, if your dreams were my dreams and what the heck are you doing having my dreams, they're my dreams dang it! Get your own dreams!


Located on Little Lonsdale Street, Games Lab is three levels of awesome. First, there's a games store with several tables for playing and a great selection to choose from. There's also a refreshment fridge, snacks, and even lockers for temporary hire.

Above that is an events space, where many, many people could gather to play Magic:The Gathering, Warmachine, or any other game you care to name. It's also a great place for a trivia night, just by the way. 

And below them both you'll find the Alchemist's Refuge. A comfy, welcoming bar with a fantastic choice of boutique beers, furniture that comes straight out of the better sort of gentlemen's club, and an expertly-curated games library to play as you sip a brew.

In case you're thinking all this is just "oh, he has to say that, they're the venue", you should all know that last PAX Aus weekend, I spent not only the day of the event at Games Lab, but most of the following day, the Sunday night after PAX closed, and even the Monday after that at Games Lab. Also, the one time I went down to Melbourne to see a Tripod show and spent ages at Games Lab. It's a great place, is what I'm saying.

James and his crew know games, know how to engage people about and with games, and are super supportive of Child's Play Trivia Australia.

It really is everything you could want in a games shop, a place where hardcore alpha gamers can puff their chests at each other, where dubious other-halfs can be sucked in with a gateway game, and where curious newbies can have their horizons expanded and their minds blown.

Really, you should just go there.