"But, wonderful organisers, how will the auctions work?"

We're glad you asked.

The best way is to give the money directly to Child's Play, flagging the donation for Sydney Children's hospital.

Here's what worked last year: If you're intending to take part in the auctions, don't hit the ATM and walk around with great wads of cash falling out of your pockets. Just have the money available, in good ol' secure 1s and 0s.  Then, if you win the auction, you can make the donation in the room via the Child's Play website.

You don't have to risk violent mugging, we don't have to handle large chunks of cash, and Child's Play gets the money straight away. EVERYONE WINS! 

There'll be a silent auction, as well as traditional "what am I bid?" loud auctions.

Which format is to be use for which items is TBC.

Oh, and in case you forgot, our auction items are:

- SDCC Exclusive Devastator

- D&D 5th Edition Party Pack

- Magic: The Gathering Duel Decks Anthology