Easier than we thought

Time for another story.

One of the things that warms the cockles of my black, twisted heart was the enthusiasm with which people have given us prizes and general support. It's also been a bit surprising how many people have, and the way in which they have. Even people who've had to say no have done so in a friendly and non-form-letter-y way.

One of the first such surprises was the result of a "what the hell, it's worth a try" email to Turtle Beach. I knew their stuff was solid, and popular with lots of my video gamer mates, so figured it was worth a go. I assumed the response would be a polite "sorry, but no", what with them being a pretty big mob who probably have their own giving schemes in place. So I was tickled a very manly salmon colour when the email response came, not from automated.response@turtlebeach.megacorp.com, but from an actual named email address and very firmly in the affirmative.

Several weeks later and an exceedingly generous box of stuffs arrived at Casa de Euan. A similar package arrived last year as well, and they were our second returning sponsor to sign on for 2016. 

Details will be finalised and announced later in the year, but for now we'll just throw out a huge thanks to Turtle Beach for there past and ongoing support.