We're BACK!

That's right! The generator wheels are spinning up, the dust has been blown off some of the contacts and I'm looking for that little springy thing that goes under the main lever. You know the one? You found it over by the couch in, like, February? 

Anyhoozits! We're going to start annoying people via email, seeking returning and additional sponsors, confirming support and generally working to get the biggest pile of STUFF we can possibly lay our hands on in order to move some tickets (including raffle tickets) and raise many cashbucks for Child's Play Charity.


Keep watching this space for more announcements in the coming weeks and months, and keep being awesome. Yeah. You. You're rad. :)

We're back, baby!

Greetings to you all!  

We've blown the dust off our logins and fired up the social media reactors. 

Child's Play Trivia Australia will be back at Games Laboratory in 2016. The Wednesday before PAX Aus this year is the 2nd of November, and that's when the trivia night will be held.

Watch these spaces for continuing updates, little stories, and general info.

Meanwhile, put us into your calendars, gather your 7 mates, and save your sheckles for the night itself.