Done & dusted


We've come out the other side of another wildly successful CPT Aus event.

Granted, there were a few hiccups with round explanation (I shouldn't be allowed near the explainses), but if we look at our KPIs, I think we can tick them off:

  • Fill a room with awesome people - CHECK
  • Ask questions and seek answers to those questions - CHECK
  • Give out loads of prizes and auction items - CHECKITY CHECK
  • Have fun and have a good laugh (even if only aimed at me) - CHECKARINO
  • Raise money for the kids - CHECK, CHECK and CHECK again!

How much? Well, how does $6,835 sound? Sounds pretty good, eh?

That takes our three year total to $16,955.

I'm just going to take a moment to process that.

Huge and eternal thanks to all of our prize donors, venue providers, ticket buyers and assistance givers. It was a great night, and would literally not be possible without all your amazing help.