Like a documentary, maybe?

Hello Fronds

I interrupt your day to being you a brief message from the team at Childs Play Trivia Australia.

Here's the TL:DR; Child Play Trivia Australia needs a short video to promote the event to future attendees and sponsors. If you think you can help, please email

And now for the full spiel;

Do you have videography skills, or video editing skills? Do you enjoy giving of your time to help others? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have a need for your services.

As you probably know, Childs Play Trivia Australia (CPT Aus) is an annual trivia night to help raise money for the most excellent Childs Play Charity. Childs Play Charity, raises money to help children with play therapy and also supports children in Women’s Shelters. This charity reaches across national boundary’s to help thousands upon thousands of children and families in need. Here is a podcast that the wonderful Fat Soda (aka Brian)  did with administrator of the Charity, Kristin Lindsay

With two events under our belt, CPT Aus has raised over $10k for Child's Play Charity and - through them - the Sydney Children's Hospital. In order to promote the night, we'd like to make a 4-6 minute video showcasing the preparation and lead up for the event, the people that attend it, and the wonderful prizes they receive.


Before we go any further. You should know we don’t keep any of the money we raise, and we pay all administrative costs out of our own pocket. Simply put, we couldn’t afford to pay for your efforts. That's not to say we don’t value and respect your time and skills. We do, and would be super grateful for what we know is a massive favour, amounting to a charitable donation of said time and skills.

ok where were we

The purpose of the video is to provide something we can point people towards to show them what we are about, and why we do what we do. It’s a way to engage more people and - through that engagement - help more children in need.

So if you have any videography and video editing skills, and if you want to help us help kids in need, please send us an email to Please include your name (so we know what to call you), your age (sorry over 18 only - pesky child labour laws), and your contact number (so we can call you).

Thank you lovely people for reading this.

The CPT Aus Team.