So... yeah... I'm crap at coordinating all the comms things.

I'll work to be better, but if this is the only outlet from which you get information, I owe you an apology. You see, we kinda sold out of tickets in about 5 weeks. That's about two and a bit times faster than last year, and is super awesome for us! It means that we're four weeks out and we've already raised $3840 for Child's Play

Unfortunately, because I didn't really keep this info stream updated, it means some of you may have missed out on tickets by not knowing how quickly they were selling.  For that, I apologise.

Fear not, however! You can still be in the running to win a great prize pack with our Remote Raffle!

For just $1.30 per ticket (including booking fee), you get a chance (or chances) to have your ticket number randomly generated by our random number generated on the night. :)

 Click the link above for more info and to buy some tickets. 

As of 6 October 2016, the Remote Raffle Pack consists of:
- 1 (One) Kaladesh pack c/o Wizards of the Coast
- 1 (One) download code for Deathstair c/o Fun Sponge Games
- 1 (One) download code for Submerged on all three major platforms (that's 3 codes total, one each for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam) c/o Uppercut Games
- some random fun things c/o your humble Organisor & Host (but not so humble as to not use capital letters for his title)

So get on it, humans! Help us help the kids.