More things!

After teasing they would hook us up, we're stoked to officially announce that Sons of Obi Wan are giving us a great package of prizes for the night.

We'll have 5 double-lesson passes, so you and a friend can head to the Jedi temple and try your hand at saber training.

We'll also have a couple of t-shirts and hoodies, so you'll look good doing it!

You should all check out Sons of Obi Wan, and see the good things they do. Not only are they an excellent place for fun and fitness. Not only are they a temple of Star Wars fandom of epic proportions. Oh no. They also do amazing things for charity. Not enough? Fine! How about special needs classes? Like a class tailored for kids on the Autism spectrum? Huh? Yeah. I thought you'd like that. 

Seriously, these guys do great things, and if you're in the area - even in passing - you should check them out.