Remote Raffle

We're giving people a chance to support the kids and maybe win prizes, even if they're not able to attend on the night.

"How?" you ask.

With the Remote Raffle! By the simple act of purchasing a ticket (or several), you're helping us raise more money for Child's Play Charity and also in the running for a fun time. :)

Tickets are just $1.30 each (incl. booking fee), and the prize pack itself is worth over $500 (and counting). 

As of 14 October 2016, the Remote Raffle Pack consists of:
- 1 (One) 6 person voucher for The Enigma Room in Sydney!
- 1 (One) Kaladesh pack c/o Wizards of the Coast
- 1 (One) Rogue One fun pack c/o Wizards & Hasbro
- 1 (One) Transformers Titans Return (Voyager class)
- 1 (One) copy of Pie Face the game c/o Wizards & Hasbro
- 2 (Two) download code for Deathstair c/o Fun Sponge Games
- 1 (One) download code for Submerged on all three major platforms (that's 3 codes total, one each for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam) c/o Uppercut Games
- some random fun things c/o your humble Organisor & Host (but not so humble as to not use capital letters for his title)

Follow the link below to buy tickets, or click on Remote Raffle in the header.