Child's Play Trivia Australia is a yearly trivia night that raises money for Child's Play Charity.

Held in the lead-up to PAX Aus, we take advantage of this gathering of geeks, gamers, and other awesome people to have fun, answer questions, win some prizes, and help improve kids' lives.

Everyone wins!*

Sound good? Want to know more? Like , maybe, who's helped us out with stuff? Or where and when it is? Or how to get tickets? Or want to know what you can do to support us in general? We have the links you need!

*Disclaimer: Everyone does not, literally, win. But everyone does get something to take home. :)


Euan, Organisor & Host

Owen, Science Communicator & Co-Host

Shayne, Graphics Maker & Alemaster

David, Tech person & Knower of Stuff

TofuSama, Photographer & Minion

Andrew, Lamiroire, Goldfish, Fatsoda, Steve &  Erin Minions extraordinaire

Scroll down for a lovely letter from the great folks at Child's Play...