Behold! Here is your handy, one-stop shop for links to all of our supporters, past, present and (hopefully) future!

If you've supported us with prize donations, and don't see your company info below (or are unsatisfied with the way in which we've referred to you, or the imagery used), please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll sort it out.

Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro


Our major sponsor from Day 1!

The core of our supporter group and all-around tops mob.

More than just providers of stuff, Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro have actively engaged with the event and provided help with games, activities, and general admin and org.

Oh yeah, and they're in Corporate Responsibility Magazine's Top 100 Corporate Citizens and's  most ethical companies for 2018!

Games Laboratory

Our home.

What if your FLGS also had an epic events space and a bar in the basement? Why, then you'd have Games Laboratory.

You lucky thing, you.

And these awesome people give us stuff to give to all of you awesome attendees…

Greater Then Games

Makers of the epic Sentinels games, superhero co-op goodness.

Good Games

Purveyors of gaming goodness across Australia.

Turn Left Distribution

Distributors of brilliant games and gaming peripherals

(Fomerly QV Software)

Xbox ANZ

Gamers and Xbox go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows. You know who they are, you know that they’re awesome.

Dee's Books & Comics

Dee's is the biggest Australian comic store on eBay, and her bricks & mortar store in Canberra is always a joy to visit.

Sons of Obi Wan

A light saber academy and Jedi temple. These guys do great work for charity in their own right.

Uppercut Games

A small games studio with a strong pedigree. Their latest game, Submerged, is a third-person, combat-free exploration game.


Fantastic, limited-edition T-shirts with geek and gaming themes. Your host owns many, many Qwertees shirts.

Rush Escape Game

Engaging and challenging escape rooms in the heart of Melbourne.

Cunningly designed and brilliantly realised, we would recommend them even if they weren't supporters. :)

Crystal's Idyll

Amazing, bespoke costumery and accessories made with dragon scales. Phenomenal stuff.

Brotherwise Games

Who doesn't want to play an 8-bit inspired, dungeon-building card game?

Asmadi Games

Creators and publishers of fantastic, card-based games.

The Enigma Room

A point and click adventure, but in real life? Where do I sign up?

Senyac Games

Senyac games' El Luchador Fantastico Grande is fast and fun, with a super strong sense of theme and a simply gorgeous art style.

Privateer Press

Another fantastic games company, offering everything from deep wargames to fast-paced card games.

Grail Games

Another awesome, Australian game dev. Their games are fast to learn and family-friendly

Saberdyne Systems

Spawned by the Sons of Obi Wan and every bit as awesome, you can drop one of these 100% Australian-designed and 99% Australian-made combat from the second story and it'll still work.

Splendid Chaps Productions

Purveyors of top quality audio comedy and podcasting goodness. 

Home of "Night Terrace" and "Pratchat"

Loveshack Entertainment

Makers of the enthralling FRAMED games, this Australian game development house is full of people as generous as they are talented.

Turtle Beach

Epic gaming sounds & peripherals!


Fun Sponge Games

Developers of the ridonkulously fun "Death Stair".

Rule & Make

An Aussie tabletop games distributor and publisher, Rule & Make have a stable of excellent games available.
Not only are their games excellent, but the style and audience of them are also incredibly diverse, so check them out!

Global Gear

Awesome LARP weapons, cosplay supplies, and collectibles.

Tech Assault

The crazy fun of paintball, without all that "bruising and pain" stuff. Tech Assault is laser tag as it's meant to be played.

Jackbox Games

Party games don’t get much better or varied than those on offer in the Jackbox Party Packs. Whether you’re playing with a few mates in your loungeroom, or several hundred in a PAX auditorium, you’ll always find a giggle, a guffaw, or a straight-out belly laugh is just around the corner.

Chaosium Inc

Chaosium produce a vast array of table top RPGs, board games, and card games. They’re all fantastic, but we here at CPT Aus HQ particularly enjoy the squamour horror of Call of Cthulhu.

Evil Hat Productions

Producers of epic and awesome TTRPGs. Famed for the FATE CORE system, and generally putting great stuff into the world, Evil Hat can provide you with digital and physical copies of their stuff.

Jackie Kashian

An hilarious comic with impeccable nerd cred (one of her albums is called “This Would Make An Excellent Horcrux”, fer cryin’ out loud), Jackie is also the host of not one but two excellent podcasts; The Dork Forest and The Jackie and Laurie Show.